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DEC VXT 2000

The VXT 2000 is a thinclient X11 windowing terminal made by DEC. It is based on a VAX SOC, meaning it is technically a VAX computer despite being unable to run VMS. Normally it boots a special VAXELN image with the X11 server and some basic applications over DEC MOP or BOOTP+TFTP

See the VXT files section for the software.

Here it is on IRC with the cover off. Mine has the extra SIMM daughterboard that allows me to have 18MB of RAM, and the color graphics card. There is an optional accelerator that goes in the middle space which I do not have.

Closeup of the screen running XChat.

And another screen with many of the X11 demo clients running. Terminal Manager, System Monitor, and DECterm are builtin applications running locally on the VXT, along with the Motif window manager itself.

And lastly, the VXT displaying an image of itself.

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