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SL-100 Web Log

Powering up the XA-Core

October 07th, 2022

Short update, but I got ahead enough on cleaning up and organizing the house again after VCFMW that I decided to poke at the SL-100.

After clearing off some space in the garage, I brought my 48VDC supplies out and got them attached to the 6 foot power cable stubs left on the XA-Core. I figured I'd see where I can get with just the one shelf.

After getting the first feed attached to the XA-Core shelf, I had some signs of life. Without turning on the breakers, the shelf interface module (SIM) lights up some status lights.

Taking that as a good sign I at least got the polarity right, I flipped on the breakers but only about half the circuit packs in the shelf lit up. Each of the two SIMs is supposed to be fed with 3 circuits, and I suspect the packs are distributed in some manner to split up their power usage across multiple circuits.

After attaching a second power feed, the entire shelf seemed to come up. I retrieved the HDDs from the house as well as a hall effect current clamp capable of measuring DC current.

Before I tried to run the XA-Core through a bootup, I figured I better run power to the blower unit as well.

With everything wired, I was able to establish that the XA-core shelf pulled a bit over 12A at 54VDC, and the blower just under 3A, adding up to about 15A or 810W.

My XA-Core configuration is fairly minimal as follows:

I was able to watch the boot attempt by the XA-Core through the RTIF serial interface. I'm not an expert yet, but from what I could see it was more or less succeeding until it tried to bring up the OC-3 links to the message switch, at which point it was obviously failing given the message switches weren't powered on.

The boot log was captured and can be seen here: XA-Core boot log.

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