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SL-100 Web Log

Arranging the garage

October 15th, 2022

One of the most obvious first tasks after you bring home an SL-100 is to arrange everything back into aisles so you can start putting the system back together.

There are some considerations on the actual arrangement. For one, it's important to give yourself enough space between aisles. Additionally the variety of frame types has a bearing on how they're grouped. The heights and styling is not the same between them.

After taking some measurements of the garage and all of the cabinets and frames, I set to work in LibreCAD mocking up a rough layout. I put 2 feet of gap between the back of each aisle like it was done at the university switchroom and gave about 3 feet in front of most frames. I was a bit more lenient with the VoIP equipment since I figured I don't likely have the power to run it anyway. I did my best to keep cabinets and frames of the same style together, so the 27 inch brown nortel frames are grouped, as are the white Nortel cabinets that house the CS-2100 VoIP equipment. The 42 inch and 28 inch cabinets are similarly in a line, followed by the IPE column which is it's own styling as well as the SPDC (which went in that row simply because I was out of space in the other, as it really originally went with the CS-2100 VoIP equipment).

The TME and LGE were originally on the left and right ends of their aisles respectively and as such still had the aisle-end panel and equipment on their sides. For that reason, those were to be the two ends of the aisle of the 27 inch equipment. The spares cabinet was also originally the end of an aisle, but I did not have the space to incorporate this into the lineup so it will be placed off to the side somewhere. The spares cabinet and the SPME have the advantage that they can be placed against a wall (with adequate space for airflow, in the case of the SPME) so they don't strictly need to go in a proper aisle.

The LCE was placed near the LGC for easier wiring. The LCE also originally bordered a support column in the university switchroom, so it had a panel on the left side that would need to be removed.

Similarly, the CS2100 VoIP equipment was originally in it's own aisle and has end panels on it. For that reason, the PT2K, COAM, and CSF are in the specific positions so that the paneling and trim pieces face the correct way.

With the plans in hand, the remaining tasks were to clean the garage of anything that doesn't permanently live there and then rearrange the frames into their positions.

As you can imagine, moving all this heavy equipment without help necessitates some state of the art techniques and equipment. Aside from the DMS-skates, plenty of lumber is always a must along with an appliance hand truck, mover's dollies, an 84 inch pry lever, and sandbags for counterweighting.

The whole process took a couple days if you include cleaning the garage first, with all of the heavy moving performed in just one day.

The timelapse video is downloadable here: 1032x774 4128x3096

All progress to date is here: 1032x774 4128x3096

The timelapses have been speed up 60x. That is, one second of video corresponds to 60 seconds of real time. The 5 minutes that pass in this first timelapse correspond to about 300 minutes or about 5 hours of actual footage. Add in the time I wasn't filming and the video encompasses about 9 hours.

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