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SL-100 Web Log

Assembling the SL frames

October 18th through 22nd, 2022

Picking up from the previous post, all the equipment was mostly where it's going to live. The next step was to start leveling the cabinets and reassembling the various bracketry and sheet metal parts.

I started off by putting the loose side panel I had removed from the LCE onto the spares frame. At that point, I had enough there to put the panels on the frame, so I did that, finding and assembling some other necessary brackets in the process.

Then I got to work leveling the brown SL-100 frames. The TME on the end doesn't have leveling feet, so I just put some phenolic shims underneath to keep it off the concrete. The other 3 frames did have leveling feet and I used them to match the height and angle of the TME. As I leveled the frames, I also bolted them together. Unfortunately, I think I forgot some spacer pieces that I found a large pile of later.

Next up was to reassemble the bracketry for the EMI doors. The verticals that the doors clamp to are a bit of a pain to install on the front side since the nuts and bolts that hold them in have very little clearance to the shelves. On the rear where there is more space to work, it is a lot easier. At this point, I also noticed that some of the verticals were not the right type to use with the brackets and doors I had and had been drilled out to convert them on a previous date.

I installed the line drawers back into the LCE and the CLCE at this point, which freed up a significant amount of space where they were being stored.

Then I went up into the attic to start pulling out the EMI doors, where I had stored them about a year prior. After I had a look at the doors and made some educated guesses about which style went where, I picked out the best looking ones and installed them on the frames. I also took this chance to adjust the clamp/latch mechanisms and service them if they had any issues, swapping parts as needed from panels that were in rougher shape. I also had to move cabling out of the way before I put the rear doors on, and reattach the cabling to the line drawers to keep it out of the way.

After all the doors were in place, I put the leftovers back up into the attic with the rest for storage, and set to work reinstalling the cable troughs.

The timelapse video is downloadable here: 1032x774 4128x3096

All progress to date is here: 1032x774 4128x3096

The timelapses have been sped up about 80x. That is, one second of video corresponds to 80 seconds of real time. The 5 minutes that pass in this timelapse correspond to about 400 minutes or a bit over 6.5 hours of actual footage. The timelapse was filmed over the course of approximately a week on and off, as I had time to work on the SL-100.

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