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Early setup was Friday afternoon, so I decided to take some pictures then. Not everybody had their exhibits setup, but a few of them were already beginning to take shape.

My exhibit. I had brought in some cable to run for phone lines and my laptop, but hadn't yet begun bringing in the larger parts.

Some of the auction items had been brought in from storage the day before, but a number of donations happen during the show.

More auction items.

And just a few more auction items.

A friend had brought me a (very dirty) wheelwriter so I could take the floppy controller card out of it. We were planning to put the rest on the free pile, but unfortunately, the wheelwriter had a cracked platen drive gear. I decided to take some of the other parts like the ROMs in case they were needed to integrate the FDC into one of my working wheelwriters. These couple pictures were just me noting where the ROMs went.


Sunday, I realized I hadn't managed to take any pictures since Friday, and decided to take a break from standing near my exhibit to at least get some pictures. I only managed to take pictures of room D before I got distracted by something else.

My exhibit again. On the end of the table, my Meridian 1 Option 11C PBX. Just past that, a Viewsonic 17 monitor that I brought for a friend to use. On the floor just past the end of the table is a Fireberd T1 analyzer my friend had brought for me since he had an extra. To the right of the viewsonic, a DEC VT420 attached to a USR 56K modem tied into the phone system. In the back just to the right is a wirewrap block I was using to cross connect phone lines along with my fluke buttset and a wirewrap gun. In front of my laptop is the wire insertion tool for assembling RJ21 connectors. To the right of the laptop is my Cisco 3845 which serves 24 phone lines and also integrates 24 V.90 digital modems capable of serving 56k dialin services. It was linked to the Meridian over a T1. On top of the Cisco ISR was one of my Nortel DMS-100 line card drawers. In front of that, a Berry trunk test set 'blue box' capable of producing MF and SF tones for outpulsing to the old style telephone trunks.

My friends exhibit. He was showing and selling some older test equipment, and showing his PDP with graphics and MicroVAX II. Additionally he had a Pentium III PICMG machine that formerly controlled a large IBM tape library. In the box to the right was his calculator collection.

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